The FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2008 will take place in Copenhagen, from 19. – 22. September 2008. The title of this conference is: Archives in Changing Climate. This event marks the official launch of the Video Active portal, currently available in Beta.

On Saturday, September 20th, a Video Active Workshop will take place as part of the conference programme. Hosted by Prof. Dr. Sonja de Leeuw and Johan Oomen, the workshop will include a full demonstration of the portal as it stands, whilst addressing issues of comparison, contextualisation and the presentation of archival material through the portal. With the help of show cases around one or two of the topics that Video Active has defined this workshop aims to demonstrate the comparative approach in more detail. Alsothe future relationship with Europeana, Europe’s digital library, museum and archive, will be addressed.

Registration is already open. Video Active looks forward to meet you at the FIAT/IFTA Conference and explore possible collaborations. The consortium still welcomes associate partners from across the world.


The aim of the International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA)is “to promote co-operation amongst television archives, multimedia and audiovisual archives and libraries, and all those engaged in the preservation and exploitation of moving image and recorded sound materials and associated documentation.”

The 2008 Conference is organised by Danish Radio, one of the partners of Video Active.