Video Active has been nominated for the Best of the Web Award in the category Research. This award is part of Museum and the Web 2009, the international conference for culture and heritage on-line in April in Indianapolis. Registered users can also vote for the People’s Choice Award from April 1th to April 15th. Give your vote to Video Active and make a bunch of audiovisual archives insanely happy.

Why vote?
Video Active provides free access to European television heritage online. We managed to bring together 14 archives that selected, digitised and added their content to this freely accessible multilingual web portal. The content is also available through the website of Europeana. The project is funded by the European Communities within the eContentplus programme.

Video Active is …

  • multilingual
  • a collaboration between institutions
  • using state of the art in the standardisation of semantic metadata
  • part of Europeana
  • a new way of searching
  • an essential database for television research
  • …a really cool portal