June 2009

pfAcknowledged and award winning media artist and film maker Péter Forgács attended the Video Active meeting in Vienna to discuss the possibilities for a short documentary made of Video Active material. Péter Forgács has made over thirty films and often uses archive  and amateur film material to tell unique stories. His work has been recognized all over the world and he  has had a number of exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Working together with Péter Forgács would be a great opportunity for Video Active.

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CBMIVideo Active and EUscreen were presented by Johan Oomen and Vassilis Tzouvaras during the International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI). Both project presentations were part of the  Practitioner Session Multimedia Content Access and Europeana. During this sessions projects related to Europeana were discussed. Aim of this session was: “bringing together the CBMI research community, leading audiovisual archives and FP7 and eContentplus projects that contribute to providing meaningful access to audiovisual collections, more specifically within the scope of Europeana.”

Background information can be found here.