Europeana is awarded with the Erasmus Award for Networking Europe by the European Society for Education and Communication (ESEC). Out of 230 applications 62 nominations were selected and only 3 were awarded. All 62 nominees were awarded with the Erasmus Seal of Approval for excellent quality and educational value.


The jury has chosen Europeana because of:

“The leading idea of Europeana is the strong conviction that European countries can be connected by realizing in several languages more access to the European cultural heritage –not only for scientists, but also for every general citizen.
If we see Europeana as a treasure store house, the user can be seen as a treasure digger who is discovering a virtual world of culture that seems to be without borders.”

Max Kaiser from the National Library of Austria and co-ordinator of EuropeanaConnect attended the awards ceremony and delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of Europeana.

As a contributor to Europeana, the Video Active consortium is very pleased with the appreciation of the ESEC for Europeana.

The full laudation can be viewed here.