On December 4th the overall winner of the MEDEA Awards 2009 was announced during a well-attended reception in Berlin. The winner is Know IT All for Primary Schools entered by Childnet International (UK) which was represented at the awards by Lucinda Fell, Policy and Communications Manager. After accepting the bronze MEDEA statuette as well as hardware and software sponsored by Avid and Adobe, Lucinda commented that “equipping children to use the internet and mobile phones safely is crucial and this resource has been designed to share key messages and lessons in an exciting and engaging way at the time when children are at an early stage in using these powerful tools. Since we launched this resource in June 2009 there has been huge demand from primary schools in the UK for it. Both Childnet and the partners involved in this project are delighted with MEDEA’s recognition of its detailed pedagogical framework.”

The MEDEA Award for Creativity and Innovation 2009 was won by Daisy and Drago submitted by Terakki Foundation Schools (Turkey) represented by Özge Karaoğlu while Traditions Across Europe by Istituto Comprensivo Don Bosco (Italy), represented at the awards by Gina Mango, was given the MEDEA European Collaboration Award 2009. A MEDEA Special Jury Award was given to Eyes on the Skies submitted by European Southern Observatory (ESO) (Germany), represented by Lars Lindberg Christensen in recognition of what the judges described as “a superb example of the value high quality video imagery can bring to an educational production”. The other finalists for the awards were INgeBEELD by CANON CULTURAL UNIT (Belgium) represented by Dirk Terryn, Les TIC en Classe by VISION FUTURE (France) represented by Hélène Ormières and Odile Lausecker, Planet SciCast by NESTA (UK) represented by Jonathan Sanderson and Studiecoach by the Dutch Open University (The Netherlands) represented by Marion Stevens and Lisette Meijrink.

Highly Commended
Because of the high quality of entries submitted to the MEDEA Awards 2009, the MEDEA Organising Committee decided to introduce a ‘Highly Commended’ category to the MEDEA Awards in recognition of those entries that were very particularly appreciated by the jury. These entries will appear on the MEDEA web site among the showcases of the award winners and finalists. The 8 entries awarded the Highly Commended distinction are ASBCAST Mini Lectures by University of Aarhus (Denmark), Dialogue by IE Business School (Spain), I animate, I communicate and I integrate by Free primary schools Meulebeke (Belgium), Kaatje by VRT (Belgium), Online Video Soap “Neu in Berlin” by LinguaTV GmbH (Germany), Passport to the Internet by Media Awareness Network (Canada), Regards sur la psychologie sociale expérimentale by Vidéoscop – Université Nancy 2 (France) and The Green Energy by Educational RadioTV, MoE (Greece).

The closing date for receipt of entries for MEDEA 2010 is 31st July 2010.


Europeana is awarded with the Erasmus Award for Networking Europe by the European Society for Education and Communication (ESEC). Out of 230 applications 62 nominations were selected and only 3 were awarded. All 62 nominees were awarded with the Erasmus Seal of Approval for excellent quality and educational value.


The jury has chosen Europeana because of:

“The leading idea of Europeana is the strong conviction that European countries can be connected by realizing in several languages more access to the European cultural heritage –not only for scientists, but also for every general citizen.
If we see Europeana as a treasure store house, the user can be seen as a treasure digger who is discovering a virtual world of culture that seems to be without borders.”

Max Kaiser from the National Library of Austria and co-ordinator of EuropeanaConnect attended the awards ceremony and delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of Europeana.

As a contributor to Europeana, the Video Active consortium is very pleased with the appreciation of the ESEC for Europeana.

The full laudation can be viewed here.

pic_award_smallVideo Active has been nominated for the first FIAT/IFTA ARCHIVE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. This award celebrates the  “most productive iniative that promotes the value and use of audio-visual archives”  The winner of the award will be anounced during the FIAT/IFTA World Conference in Beijing on October 23.

logo_2009The MEDEA Awards are now open for participation. “The aim of the annual MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media in education. Their purpose is to recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources at all levels of education, and to highlight good practice in the use of media and video in the classroom.” (MEDEA web site) This year there are two new awards: the MEDEA Award for Creativity and Innovation and the European Collaboration Award. The latter is open to projects with two or more European partners. Participants can register online before Wednesday 30th September, 12 PM (midnight).


Video Active has won the People’s Choice Award at the Museums and the Web conference in Indianapolis last Friday. It was a very close race between Waltee’s Quest: The Case of the Lost Art and Video Active.  In the end Video Active won with 56 votes, so thank all of you who voted for Video Active.

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Video Active has been nominated for the Best of the Web Award in the category Research. This award is part of Museum and the Web 2009, the international conference for culture and heritage on-line in April in Indianapolis. Registered users can also vote for the People’s Choice Award from April 1th to April 15th. Give your vote to Video Active and make a bunch of audiovisual archives insanely happy.

Why vote?
Video Active provides free access to European television heritage online. We managed to bring together 14 archives that selected, digitised and added their content to this freely accessible multilingual web portal. The content is also available through the website of Europeana. The project is funded by the European Communities within the eContentplus programme.

Video Active is …

  • multilingual
  • a collaboration between institutions
  • using state of the art in the standardisation of semantic metadata
  • part of Europeana
  • a new way of searching
  • an essential database for television research
  • …a really cool portal

screenshotvablog2Video Active has been nominated for the Best of the Web Award in the category Research. This award is part of Museum and the Web 2009, the international conference for culture and heritage on-line in April in Indianapolis. Two judges will review the nominated sites in February and March and select the finalists. Registered users can vote in April for the People’s Choice Award. Nominations can be checked here.