“How can we embrace the potential of network culture and create truly open and dynamic archives where reception, interpretation and creation encounter one another?”  This was one of the major questions raised at a meeting in Brussels on June 10 with the title ‘Towards Open and Dynamic Archives’  It was organised by the BOM-VL (which stands for “Archiving and Distribution of Multimedia in Flanders”) project.

Five international guests, who are each involved in ambitious audiovisual archiving projects, have presented their perspectives on the issues at hand. Video Active was one of the projects presented in this insightful event.

Paul Gerhardt (Creative Archive Licence Group, GB)
Tobias Golodnoff (Dansk Kulturarv, Denmark)
Marius Arnesen (NRK Media, Norway)
Geert Wissink (Knowledgeland)
Johan Oomen (Sound and Vision and Video Active)