efg_logoDiscussion of the article  “European Film Gateway: A Portal for Film Archives” on Ariadne by Sander Peek

The European Film Gateway (EFG) will enhance the use of the online-archive resources of European cinema. The portal will be linked with the server of the online library Europeana, which started in November 2008. As part of the eContentplus Programme, the European Commission aims to develop Europeana further by adding the cinematic archive. The EFG project started in September 2008. It will contain 700,000 digitised objects from a variety of film archives and cinematic institutions by the end of the project and is still under construction.
The EFG project resembles other projects of the EU commission to preserve footage of cultural importance. Video Active works in a similar fashion. The videos on VideoActive will be part of Europeana just like the films from the EFG project.
By combining the European Film Gateway portal with Europeana, the EU Commission hopes to attract a much wider audience to the service. By 2010, the library that contains European heritage such as paintings and literature, should hold over 10 million digital resources and items. At the moment Europeana contains around two million items.





The European Film Gateway (EFG) has released it’s first newsletter. ” Aim of the EFG project is to build a web portal with direct access to over 700.000 objects including films, photos, posters, drawings, sound and text material. The project started with an inaugural meeting on 21 September 2008 bringing together representatives from the 20 partner institutions, including 14 film archives and cinémathèques of the EFG consortium. ” (EFG newsletter no.1) Like Video Active, key issues of the project are copyright and interoperability. Together with Video Active and follow-up EUscreen, the EFG project will be a major source of audiovisual content for Europeana.  

European Film Gateway

European Film Gateway

On September the 21st, with an inaugural meeting in Frankfurt am Main, a new Best Practice Network funded by the European Commission under the eContentplus programme has started: the European Film Gateway (EFG).

This project brings together 20 partners, including 15 European film archives and museums. Their aim is to set up a central point of access to the European film heritage, overcoming institutional and language barriers. The Deutsches Filminstitut is responsible for the co-ordination of the project, which has also the EDL Foundation among its partners. The Deutsches Filminstitut is on the Video Active Advisory Board and the two projects are happy to announce they will work together closely. (more…)