The objective of creating access will be achieved in close collaboration between archives, academic institutions and ICT developers that form the consortium. The archives will supply their digital content; the academic institutions are the link to end-users and play an important role in defining the selection frame and in delivering the necessary context information. The ICT developers will be responsible to supply the technology needed.

Core Consortium Eleven archives are represented in the core consortium; Broadcast archives (BBC-UK, DR-Denmark, DW-Germany, ORF-Austria, RTBF-Belgium, TVC-Spain) as well as National Archives (SLBA-Sweden, SV-Netherlands, NAVA-Hungary, NTUA-Greece, IL-Italy).

Three archives have joined since the start of the projects and are associate partners:

Added up, their collections comprise of over five million hours of audio and video material from 1890 to now and represent a major part of Europe’s audiovisual heritage. This unique content covers all major European languages, subjects and cultures. As outlined above Video Active will focus on certain content themes that reflect the cultural and historical similarities and differences of television from across the European Union.

Noterik Multimedia is specialised in web applications dealing with streaming media. Clients of Noterik include European broadcasters, the European Commission and national research and educational networks. Noterik has built the BIRTH portal and will be the major technical partner of Video Active.

The second technical partner is the National Technical University of Athens. It has responsibility for coordination of the semantic interoperability work package. Apart from participating in several FP5 projects, NTUA is one of the leading participants of the W3C working group “Multimedia Annotation on the Semantic Web”. Their leading expertise is this field is highly recognised.

Two world-renown departments in the field of media history compliment the Video Active consortium. The faculties are headed by leading academics Prof. Dr. Sonja de Leeuw of Utrecht University and Prof. John Ellis of Royal Holloway University of London. In particular, they both have organised workshops, conferences and collaborative research projects involving participation across Europe, demonstrating their strong commitment to an international and multicultural approach to media studies..

The partners in Video Active have been chosen for their strengths in their particular fields of expertise. The combination of major content providers, technical experts and senior academic professionals gives the consortium a well- formed team.
The core partners: