The University of Athens plays two roles in the project;

  • First it’s a technology provider. NTUA has profound knowledge in Semantic Interoperability between heterogeneous archives using Semantic Web technologies.
  • Secondly it’s a content provider. The Greek National Audiovisual Archive will be established in 2006. NTUA has strong institutional links to the Greek National Audiovisual Archive and will thus contribute material to the Video Active portal. This includes content of the Ministry of Press possessing hundreds of hours of TV news programmes categorized in about 16 categories, historic, sports, etc, from the beginning of the last century until early 1980s, as well as that of the National TV (ERT). This collection is currently (November 2005) being digitised and with the formal establishment of the National Audiovisual Archive, more material from ERT will be made available through the Video Active portal.

The Image, Video and Intelligent Multimedia Systems Lab of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) were established in 1988. IVML has been involved in sixty R&D projects. Thirty of them have been funded by the European Commission; the rest of them by Greek organisations. Forty-eight of them have been completed,. Currently, NTUA participates on five FP6 projects (aceMedia, KnowledgeWeb, Muscle, Humaine, AskIT). NTUA is also participating in standardizing organization and activities.  In particular, NTUA participates in the Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment Working Group (SWBPD) of W3C and are leaders of the Multimedia Annotation task force within the WG. One of the main issues of this task force is semantic interoperability in different metadata schemas. Also, NTUA are participating in the RuleML initiative, which aims at defining shared rules in the semantic web.