Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) is Catalonia’s public television broadcaster supported by the government of Catalonia. TVC was founded in the 80’s, and today it broadcasts in 3 channels, all transmitting in Catalan. TV3, 33 and K3, he last two sharing the same frequency in different time slots, offer a wide range of programming. The creation of the last channel, 3/24, a 24-hour news channel, was made possible after the digitisation of the newsroom production system in the year 2004. TVC broadcasts to a potential audience of 6 million and is the most viewed network in its territory, with an audience share of about 30%, and its the main channel, TV3, is the prime-time leader channel.  Televisió de Catalunya has always been, and continues to be, a pioneer in Spain in applying technological innovations in broadcasting. The satellite channel:  TVC Internacional allows TVC broadcasting reaches also all of Europe and a large part of North and Latin America.  TVC’s digitalisation project started in 2000.